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Most Beloved Avyakt BabaDada’s Avyakt version for SpARClers

To All Brothers and Sisters who have come for the SpARC meeting (Research) in Gyan Sarovar: All have gathered to do research. Good the more you sit and do research whilst sitting in the room of introversion to that extent you will receive good inspiration. And with this inspiration many souls will be benefitted. It’s good. Continue doing however keep progressing by striking the balance between meditation and its application. Rest is good. The more you churn the more butter will emerge. So take out some good butter that can fill the power in all. Achcha. (27-2-1996)

Research takes places in silence to the extent we do research whilst sitting in the room of introversion to that extent we will receive Good inspiration

SpARC Group (Spiritual Applications Research Centre): This group is very large. Those from SpARC are researching, are you not? Those from SpARC should pay special attention to something. Scientists give you a practical experience. For instance, in hot weather, facilities developed by science enable you to experience coolness. Similarly, those who are researching should make special plans so that the specialities of the Father and souls specialities, such as an embodiment of knowledge, an embodiment of peace, an embodiment of bliss, and an embodiment of power, are give to others to actually experience what every speciality is. Create such an easy invention so that if anyone wants to experience what peace is for a short time, or what power is, they are able to do so. Create an invention whereby they can experience this for one or two seconds. When someone has experienced this for even a second, then that experience will attract them. Create such an invention so that when they come in front of you, they can experience whatever speciality they want. What are the different stages? Sages make spiritual endeavour and give people a practical experience of the cycle. (Kundalini yoga). It begins at the navel-cord, and then it goes up. Then, they are given an experience of what going up is. In the same way, according to your own method, give many others an experience through your mind and intellect. Don’t just sit and show them the light, but give them the experience of light. Research means to give them a practical experience through your methods and to experience it yourself. Therefore, make such plans and think of practical ways to experience this, just as you created the method of yoga camps, when all of those who come to a yoga camp for a short time are at least given an experience. They have an experience for that time at least! They even remember that experience. In this way, give them an experience of any particular virtue, power or eternal sanskar. Therefore, those who are researching this should first experience it themselves and then create a method to give others the same experience. Nowadays, similar to the path of devotion, people want miracles. They don’t want to make effort, but they do want miracles! In the same way, on this path of spirituality, they want the same. Those who have experienced something can never waver (from their own experience). The numbers will very quickly continue to increase on the basis of what they experience. Did you hear this? Now, create new inventions. Continue to tell them something and let them continue to experience it. In order to accomplish this, you must make this practice powerful.(15-02-2000)

Those from the SpARC group, raise your hands. Achcha!  Very good. Now research into this topic: How you can make the atmosphere the most elevated of all in a practical way. You are researching this, are you not? In order to create such an atmosphere, what you should keep in your intellect, what actions you have to perform and what you have to do with your connections and relationships. It is good that you keep yourselves busy; that is very good. However, BapDada wishes to see the practical experience of everything you did in a practical way and what the result was of that. If there was any obstruction in-between, what was that? Experience this practically and see for yourself! Don’t just extract points that you have to do this and this! No! Do it practically! Experience it yourself, and demonstrate it by becoming an example and then that example will help others. Is this OK? This one (Rameshbhai) is the instrument. It is good. BapDada says that you still have 15 days. It has not yet ended. Now, a lot of time has gone by, but a little time is still left, and so the SpARC group should practically do this and also demonstrate it to others. Is that OK? Will you be able to do this? Will it be possible? Achcha. It is fine. Very good.  Achcha. (24-02-2002)

SpARC group: Achcha, now make a plan that those from your meeting become an example at their own respective places, for bringing time closer. This is the plan you are making, is it not? About what preparations you need to make for the times to come? BapDada is also giving this signal: In order to face any difficulty, the easy way is first of all to use the power of concentration (stability). Your mind should become still and then the power of concentration will be able to make very good decisions. This is why they portray a set of scales in court. The scales are shown as a symbol for judgment for the needle becomes totally still. Therefore, at that time when there is upheaval everywhere, with the power of concentration, you can stabilize your mind on whatever you want. You can judge which power to use in a particular situation. So, the power of concentration automatically brings determination and determination is the key to success. So, make yourself such an example and continue to inspire others. Is this all right? It is good. Each wing has very good zeal and enthusiasm for the progress of its own service. It is good and it will be good. It is good that all those from different centres are engaged in very good work and are making plans. Success is guaranteed anyway. Achcha.(28-02-2003)

SpARC Group: It is very good. Having become an image of experience, you are carrying out research to give an experience in a practical way. Now, continue to increase the research of giving souls an experience. Give the proof in a practical way, and then, seeing this sample, the world will easily believe you. It is good. Continue to move forward. Become an example and make others an example. Very good. Achcha. (05-03-2004)

SpARC Group: (Br Ramesh: We have had the thought of having the aim to create a value based society, in which every zone and every wing can be included in doing this service, and along with that to make preparations for the end, and we have the aim of researching deeply the topic of transformation of sanskars.) Very good. The sound will spread to every home. Now prepare such a group that the sound reaches the Government. The sound will reach the Government when you hold that campaign. You have thought it out well. There are many in this group. Get the total result of everything. Then BapDada will give you more congratulations. You have good zeal and enthusiasm. Now increase zeal and enthusiasm in your efforts too. Not just in service, but zeal and enthusiasm should continue to increase in your efforts. Service should also continue to increase. What you have done is good. Congratulations. (03-02-2005)

Six professional wings have come: Rural, Sports, Transport, Women, Administrators and SpARC : The professional wings have been given the homework. Now, we shall look again after 15 days. Achcha, children have also come. Very good. (The children showed BapDada a wrestling match with the five vices.) Achcha. This is the Sports Wing. You now know the games of Maya, do you not? You are courageous in that, are you not? Those who play games are always courageous. So, you are courageous in becoming a conqueror of Maya too, are you not? Never be defeated (Haarna – to be defeated). Become a garland (Haar) around BapDada’s neck. Do not be defeated. You are so strong, are you not? Are you courageous? You are courageous; Wah! Very good. Achcha. (To Shashiben – she is head of the Sports Wing.) You are also teaching them about becoming conquerors of Maya. Sit down! Achcha. What shall we do now? Now, in one second, finish all the thoughts in your mind. In one second, sit with the highest on high Father in the supreme place, in the highest-on-high place, in the highest-on-high stage. Become a master almighty authority, the same as the Father, and give rays of the powers to the souls of the world. Achcha. (14-03-2006)

What has the SpARC wing researched? After having done your research, has anyone become the practical proof, just like heart patients gave the proof that they have become free from illness. Baba also heard news of the Youth that very good proof is reaching the Government. Similarly, in serving the rural areas, the practical proof is that Gita Pathshalas have opened. That record is good. Similarly, those from SpARC and those from the Cultural Wing, you are standing here now and so have you created such a special example showing that, by doing research, this is the sample of transformation that has taken place. BapDada wishes to see and hear about that sample: What did you research and how many were benefitted through that research in a practical way. This is what Baba wants to see. In the Cultural department, have you prepared any departments in which people say that through the spiritual culture they have experienced these things in a practical way, and that all their departments have now changed? In this way, BapDada is telling those from all wings: Now prepare seven to eight, ten to twelve such examples so that you can tell the Government what work the different wings are doing. Then it is possible that you will receive help from the Government. BapDada heard that one department had said that they have the money and that we have the resources. Show them these samples by letting them see the practical proof of such resources. Otherwise their treasures will be wasted just like that. They don’t know how to use them, you can make them use these in a worthwhile way with your influence. So, all the wings together should make such a plan that the proof of every wing is visible in a practical way. (31-12-2007)

(Rameshbhai gave BapDada news of the SpARC meetings in writing through the trans-messenger.) Ramesh, you are doing that; he has also written about self-progress. Draw everyone’s attention to that again and again. Just as you do everything practically in service, in the same way, keep a chart of what you do practically for self-progress. BapDada received the news, and what you have all thought about is good.(17-03-2007)

Those of you from SpARC are also making your own plans and that is good. Now, just as science is giving practical fruit, in the same way do something so that the power of silence also gives an experience just as easily and clearly in a practical way so that everyone says that the Brahma Kumaris have an easy method. You are making inventions and it will happen. All of you are using your intellect very well and so one practical fruit or another will emerge through the intellect. You are making good effort. The fruit is emerging and it will continue to emerge. It has to happen. Achcha. Now, in one second, is it one second? In one second, the whole gathering, and wherever any of you are, stabilize your mind in just one thought: I, the Father and I, are eternal points of light in the supreme abode. Sit with the Father in the supreme abode. Achcha. Now come back into the corporeal. Now, according to the present time, practice concentrating your mind and intellect. Whatever task you are carrying out, concentrate your mind whilst carrying out that task. Increase your controlling power more. Have controlling power over your mind, intellect and sanskars. This practice will be very helpful in the times to come. According to the atmosphere, you will have to take control in one second, so that only what you want to happen happens. So, this practice is very essential. Do not treat this lightly because this practice will make the final moments beautiful at the right time. (02-02-2008)

Avayakt BabaDada’s Good Wishes and Expectations from SpARClers

You continue to have meetings and you do that with good zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada continues to see and hear about this. You also continue to make plans for imbibing this. BapDada heard the news. All of you continue to make new plans for your self-progress and also for service. Now, you have to keep the aim that there is a need to give assurance to the people of the world. Seeing the circumstances, the poor people are afraid and fear is spreading. At such a time, you have to give assurance to all souls, but especially to the people of your wing, that if they do the meditation course, their fear and tension will finish. Do not give them knowledge first, but invite them to learn meditation first. Have more programmes of giving them an experience of a tension-free life. You do this, but now do it more. Give them an experience of spiritual power. Let it not just be lectures, but give them an experience. You may do this with small groups or big groups, but definitely give them an experience. A person who has had an experience can never stay without sharing that experience. And the authority of experience is number one. Someone who has experienced something cannot be influenced by others. He cannot be afraid in such situations because through meditation, he experiences power. So, give them greater experiences of the temptation of meditation. You continue to have programmes anyway. They will continue and you have to make them continue, but also pay special attention to this. Anyone who came and did the course, together with that course, did he also have an experience or did he just take the knowledge? Definitely give an experience of anything. It could be any experience. In terms of knowledge, let them experience that this is God’s knowledge. Through yoga, let them experience powers in them. Let them have courage. Enable them to have the courage to find a solution to any problem and also have the courage to imbibe this. Otherwise, when they hear of having to imbibe these things, they become afraid. First of all, tell them about the attainment and what that attainment is. With the attraction of the attainment, they will all begin to come. When you give God’s introduction, first tell them what attainments they will have and, on the basis of the attainment, they will be attracted. Tell them the things of the experiences of what they will receive, what they will become and how they will easily find solutions to problems. BapDada receives the report of how you all meet one another.(09-03-2009)

Rural Development, Scientists & Engineers and SpARC wings: You are giving your own introduction very well. BapDada heard the news of all three wings. All three wings that have come have had very good meetings for progress among yourselves and have made your own plans for the future. BapDada is pleased that, in service, each wing nowadays wants to claim number one. Seeing this zeal and enthusiasm for fast effort, BapDada is giving multimillion fold congratulations to all the wings and, in particular, to these three wings. You have made good plans. You have made good plans that are filled with enthusiasm. This is why BapDada is telling all three wings: whatever plans you have made, put them into a practical form as quickly as possible. BapDada likes them. Every now and then, using the phone system of having conference calls, those who are special instruments of each wing should have conference calls among themselves and increase zeal and enthusiasm. When you have zeal and enthusiasm in your own cities, it will be like giving zeal and enthusiasm to the meetings. Every now and then, ask for the result and give them encouragement in this way. It is good. Turn the banner around towards the public. Nowadays, everyone is worried about nature too. So, you should give a special message: how we can change the nature of the elements with the nature of the mind. You have made the plans, but now everyone together should announce through programmes, even when you have small programmes, and spread the sound. BapDada has seen that in all the programmes that is taking place now you have created a very good method of spreading the sound, and whatever else you are doing, take suggestions from the serviceable instruments and glorify the programmes even more. Wherever you go, whether it is in big places or small places, there should be the sound: the Brahma Kumaris are doing a programme. Do not just sit down peacefully. Now spread the sound with zeal and enthusiasm. It is now time for them to come closer. The atmosphere is of an attitude of disinterest, and people want to see and hear something new. Discuss this among yourselves and spread the sound of zeal and enthusiasm everywhere. The same news should reach all the main places and the main countries everywhere. It should be printed in the newspapers in the main places: this happened, that happened, we are doing this and that. Spread the sound through the radio and TV. You can spread the sound in your own areas through the Radio and TV. Achcha. Many, many congratulations! All the wings are nowadays doing everything with a lot of enthusiasm and will continue to do so. Achcha. (30-01-2010)

SpARC Wing: SpARC Wing is also doing its own work. BapDada saw that each Wing is making souls experienced in their own service. They are making people’s intellects very good with their very good ideas and they are also inspiring people to imbibe everything. This is why Baba said that each wing is doing service and making companions. Having made so many companions, now prepare a group, a gathering, which you can present to the Government and tell them about your work and show them your results. Each Wing has its own Government branch and so they too should be served and people should also be served. Achcha. (17-02-2011)

Meeting of the four Wings: (SpARC, Media, Sports and Religious).  Achcha.  All these four wings are very helpful for service.  They are and can be because all the four Wings can bring many others into connection.  For example, the Media Wing is there.  Media Wing is now making very good plans to make the message reach every home.  BapDada is pleased that you are doing everything while being co-operative with one another.  You have moved forward and are moving forward.  BapDada now wants the media to give the message: Now, according to the time, every soul should have the inspiration to claim an inheritance from their Father.  People hear this, but Baba should now receive a list of how many heirs have emerged through the media.  BapDada has heard that it has a good impact and that the number of students is increasing.  However, now make a list of how many have emerged through the Media service at every centre and in every zone.  In the same way, all the other Wings also have to make this list.  Many have given a list today of those VIPs who have come into their connection.  Baba has received that list, but now create sicj a gathering and make them move forward by giving them zeal and enthusiasm.  They do come into connection with you, but make such a programme that they also understand what they have to do in the future.  They have heard this, but now, explain to them a little more clearly how they have to move forward.  Also make a list of how many have been added from each Wing.  Although they are added, you may not know.  BapDada is congratulating those from all the Wings because each wing is trying to increase service and also makes very good plans for expansion.  All four Wings are doing very good service because each Wing considers itself responsible.  The wings also try very hard and this is why BapDada is pleased with them.  Just as you are engaged in the task of the Wings with attention, in the same way, continue to move forward even more.  BapDada is congratulating you.  You are moving forward; continue to move forward!  BapDada is saying this to all four Wings.  None of the wings is weak.  You are all moving forward in your own ways.  You must be paying attention to the homework that BapDada has given.  Now prepare sensible VIPs that come in every Wing.  Make a group of such sensible courageous ones from the different Wings who can all together make one thing clear.  Definitely do this work.  Those who are sitting at the front can do this work.  You can give them courage.  Now, the sound should emerge in a practical way of what the Brahma Kumaris want.  The service of the Platinum Jubilee has made the importance of the Brahma Kumaris very clear to everyone.  It is necessary and you can do it.  You have come so far, and there is co-operation from all the Wings.  However, they should now understand that God has come.  They have reached as far as the Brahma Kumaris.  They have begun to understand that God has already come.  When they hear this knowledge, they are intoxicated, but they are only just courageous enough to come onto the field.  It will come; it has to come.  They now have the courage to come.  You will see that not a single programme will be dull (attended by only a few people).  It will always be a success.  Earlier they used to run away on hearing the name.  Now, they understand that the Brahma Kumaris do very good work and they do it systematically with the right method.  Their attention has been drawn to this extent.  BapDada saw the names of those from all four Wings, those who gave the names.  There are very good souls in connection with you so bring them more in front now.  Have a programme with them.  Give them a plan of what they can do.  The field is prepared and the fruit is now going to emerge and so BapDada is pleased.  Baba is pleased with your effort.  Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all four Wings!  You are making very good effort.  Achcha. (02-02-2012)

Meeting with SpARC, Business, Sports, Education, Media Wing: Half of the hall is here only. All of you, wave your hands. Look how many are there! Half of the hall is of all of you. Good. BapDada has seen that every Wing has zeal and enthusiasm and, because of zeal and enthusiasm, you create very good chances for service. However, you still have to do one thing for BapDada. All of those whom you have made the main instruments in every Wing, all the good helpers you have found, each Wing should first of all send a list of how many and who have become instruments from the time of establishing the Wing until now. Now, first of all, each of you has to send that list and we will then have a gathering of all of them. Who has emerged and which group is larger? Then, we will have a separate gathering of those of different occupations, but, first of all, send a list. How many regular students has each one created? How many are in contact with you? How many are co-operative with you? Baba should receive this list from every Wing. Even include those who have become co-operative - the list of those who are co-operative should also come. Then everyone will come to know the results of the zone. This is a good thing, is it not? Will you do it? You will have to make a list. You will be given a programme after that because you are making effort. BapDada saw that those from the Wings are doing very good service in their own subject and the result is also good, BapDada is pleased. It is very good and it will be good, and, upon seeing your result, others will also move forward. Lots and lots of love and remembrance to all. (20-2-2013)

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